How to get a business loan
People may need property security to get a loan to buy their first business. However, if the business is a franchise, some bank may lend you 50%-70% purchase price. Existing business owner normally apply for small amount of business loan(up to $50,000) or large amount(from $50,000 to $250,000, even more), secured or unsecured, which affect its interest rate. Loan term can range from several months to 25 years.

Decisions to make
Deciding that your existing business needs a loan is only the first step. There are a number of things to consider before you apply for a business loan: how much do you need to borrow; what type of loan will you need; how long will you need it for; can the business afford to repay the loan, interest and any one-off or ongoing fees that come with the loan? What security can you offer the lender and how will this affect the interest rate offered.

Loan terms
Loans provided upfront will need a portion of the loan plus interest paid back at regular intervals. The repayment amount will depend on the term or length of the loan. To determine if the loan term suitable for your business you will need to calculate how much you can afford to service the loan. Be aware that the longer the loan term the more total interest you will pay.

We can help a broad range of industry, such as restaurants and cafes, building construction, retail, import and export, etc.

Use of funds you borrow
A few ways our customers have used the funds:

* Start up or buy a new busiess
* Improved Cash Flow
* Pay off any expenses
* Renovations
* TAX or BAS payments
* Purchasing stock
* Marketing
* Hiring extra staff
* Upgrading equipment

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Notice: All the credit application is subject to lender credit assessment and approval.